Rainy Toad Gaming

Event Calendar 2016  


Check out Rainy Toad Gaming at the following events! 

November 19, 2016 

International Games Day ​

Steele Memorial Library, Elmira, NY


For the latest on Rainy Toad Gaming events, check out our Facebook page for the latest updates on upcoming Rainy Toad video gaming events in the community, or email us on the contact page for questions about upcoming events or availability for events or parties. Contact us!

Rainy Toad Gaming is now accepting reservations for parties and events for 2016. Call or email us 607-425-2444, rainytoadgaming@msn.com, or visit the contact page. 


Does Rainy Toad Gaming seem familiar to you? Where have you seen us? Rainy Toad Gaming is thankful for being a part of these exciting experiences around the community. 

Bradley Farms during Haunted Empire (2013 & 2014) 

Twin Tiers Comic Con (2014, 2015, 2016)

River Road Expo at Tioga Downs (2014, 2015)

 Street Fighter Night at the Elmira Heights Theater

International Game Day, Teen and Tweens events, Maker Expo at CCLD (Steele Library) 

Game On at The Loom (July 2015)

Barnes and Noble Makers Faire (November 2015, 2016)

Heroes and Villians Con (April 2016) 

NNY GamesCon (April 2016) 

Salt City Comic Con (May 2016) 

RetroCon (November 2016)

Elmira Jackals Event (November 2016)

Syracuse Comic Con (November 2016)

(Special thank you to Heroes Your Mom Threw Out Comic Shop, Page One Entertainment, Bradley Farms, our volunteers, and our family and friends) 

"Gaming with Family and Friends"