Wii and Wii U 

This Wii package is quickly becoming one of the fast and fun gaming experiences. Looking for a party that is ideal for all age groups? This is the one to choose for safe play from five years to 85 years and have friendly family fun.

$200.00 plus tax

Package includes 

  • 3 hours of video game play
  • 3 Wii U systems 
  • 3 42" screen televisions or projector screens (larger spaces, adjustable lighting needed or suitable for summer night events 
  • All style controllers from racing wheels, Game Cube controllers, nunchucks and other accessories. 
  • Play the popular games like Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, Mario, Cabela's Hunting or just have a fun multiple lane bowling night. 

Video Gaming Packages 

​​Call Rainy Toad Gaming at (607) 425-2444 to reserve the date for your event. 


*Rainy Toad Gaming requires a tour of space at least one week prior to date of party or event to evaluate best arrangement of equipment. 

*Rainy Toad Gaming will arrive 1 hour before your event to set up the equipment in order to allow for three full hours of video gaming fun. Equipment pack up is estimated for 1 hour as well.

*During the spring and summer, weather permitting, it is possible for each package to be set up outside for day time events. For best results of gaming, adjustable lighting works best for projector screens. For outdoor inflatable screen, night time is optimal. Full deposit refund if weather does not permit planned outside event or rescheduled day option. 

* Choice of individual game play available with each package. (ie, 4 to 8 televisions and systems set up for individual video game play with a variety of games to chose from.)

"Gaming with Family and Friends"

Night Time in the Summer:

4 Hour Video Gaming, Movie

or both for $250.00 plus tax

Extend your summer barbecue, family reunion, graduation or birthday party into the night with gaming and a movie outside on a large inflatable screen with this package. Enjoy two hours of game play and a two hour or less movie of your own choice; or you can choose four hours of just video gaming fun. (Weather permitting) 

Package includes: 

  • 2 hours of game play and 2 hours of movie; or 4 hours of video game play
  • 2 player fight stick podium style play, or movie trivia games on large inflatable screen

(Movie is provided by customer) 


System Link Style/Fight Stick Podium Combo 

In this combination package, both exciting gaming styles are provided for alternate video gaming options at your party or event. You can choose tournament style or free play style for your party or event. 

$200.00 plus tax

Package includes:

  • 3 hours of video game play
  • LAN style tournament play with four 28 inch flat screen televisions and game systems,  games, table and chairs ​
  • 2 fight sticks and 1 podium with large screen television (or projector screen available if space allows)​​


Fight Stick Podium Style Tournament

One versus one style competitions are the highlight of this package. Players go round for round with fight sticks with podium style game play. This style of play brings added excitement to popular fighting games like Injustice, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter and Soul Calibur. Also, newly added in this package is a retro gaming platform. 

$200.00 plus tax

Package includes:

  • 3 hours of video game play 
  • 1 Retro gaming podium for retro games
  • 2 one versus one simultaneous video game competitions
  • 3 larger screen televisions or projector screens (larger spaces, adjustable lighting needed or suitable for summer night events)
  • 5 fight sticks and 3 podiums 
  • Xbox 360 and/or Playstation 3 fight sticks, games and systems​


System Link Style Tournament 

This package sets up for the ultimate competitive style of game play by connecting up to eight 28 inch flat screen televisions for 3 hours of video gaming. Perfect for first person shooter games (Call of Duty or Halo) or racing games. 

*Minecraft can be set up for 8 screens of individual play. Connection for interactive play for Minecraft requires live gaming memberships.  

$200.00 plus tax

​Package includes:

  • 3 hours of LAN (system-linked) video game play 
  • ​8 28 inch flat screen televisions
  • Xbox 360 systems, games, controllers
  • Tables and chairs

Rainy Toad Gaming